Cousens Lab

Behavioral Neuroscience at Drew University

Wiring up our olfactometer

Sam and Will work on the relays for our new flow-dilution olfactometer, which enables us to present precise concentrations of vaporized odorants to the rats involved in our studies.





Perfecting lab skills during the Drew Summer Science Institute

Taylor, Valerie, and Jesse working on an electrophysiology project in the lab during the Drew Summer Science Institute. So far this summer, the lab (including Angela, Samantha, and Will) has recorded nearly fifty neurons. Now we need to get to work analyzing our data and verifying electrode placement.



Next stop: Chicago!

The lab will be making a research presentation on our work on odor representation in corticomedial amygdala at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuriscience in Chicago this coming October. Congratulations to Val, Gianna, Angela, and Taylor for authoring the abstract! (Our main objective, though, will be to find the best Chicago deep-dish pizza.)

We’ve moved!

IMG_4071 IMG_4074Thanks to the hard work and support of all those involved in the initial phase of expansion of the Hall of Sciences at Drew, the Cousens lab has relocated to a wonderful new research annex. Full steam ahead with our research on the amygdala!

Lab Selfie


Lab Selfie at the Tricollegiate Research Symposium.